The AIAS -UW is an independent, non-profit and student-run organization that is more than just a club. This grassroots association is a cooperative between thousands of students (of all ages and academic degrees) committed to helping each other. It provides a sense of community and a forum to share differing views. The AIAS is also a professional organization that is the official voice of architecture students. 

President:  Corbin Jones

Top five reasons to join AIAS:

1) Employers recognize AIAS as a leadership opportunity that demonstrates extracuriccular involvement.
2) Join a community of fellow students that are passionate about Architecture.
3) Make a difference in the college through active participation that influences the department and your education.
4) Join the movement to educate fellow students through peer level mentorship.
5) The potential to meet with professionals in the field through professional mentorship.

1. Monitor the Arch Hall SWAP SHOP for the free recycling and reusing of studio materials

2.Run CAREER DAY in spring with WASLA (Washington Associated Students of Landscape Architecture)

3. Hosts the BEAUX ARTS BALL in spring!

4. Organizes LECTURES during the academic year...

5. Looking for more ideas, and more are in the works....

Not a member and want to join? Visit here for more information then contact AIAS UW President: Corbin Jones to get started!

Members of AIAS UW will receive benefits of membership, including free entry into competitions and events. Through the National AIAS, members also receive benefits including discounted subscriptions to Dwell, Architectural Record, and several other publications. Along with free national competition registration, members will be given the opportunity to join the FORUM, a nation-wide gathering of architecture students. If you want more information about these events, please visit or email us.