Mexico Abroad Program | Winter Quarter 2013

The UW Department of Architecture is offering a study program in Mexico, Winter of 2013. The program’s focus will address urban and architectural issues in Mexico City. Students will live and work in downtown Mexico City. Studio workspace will be within Luis Barragan’s small studio located directly across from Casa Barragan. The program of study will address the geography, history, urban design, housing issues, and architecture of Mexico. Required courses will include Design Studio, History of Mexico Architecture, and Documentation: Ideas in Representation.

The program will be led by Affiliate Assistant Professor Robert Hutchison (Program Director) and Professor David Miller (Department Chair). Site tours will be diverse to cover the broad historical, cultural, and economical range that constitutes the metropolis of Mexico City, and will include excursions outside of the city as well as office visits to several architectural firms. Local architects Javier Sanchez and Humberto Ricalde will serve as studio critics, will assist in leading site visits, and will be present for midterm and final reviews, along with other well-known Mexico City architects. The program is open to 4th year undergraduate students and Arch502 / Arch506 graduate students.

LIVE in Mexico City for 9 weeks!
WORK inside Luis Barragan’s studio!
EXPERIENCE the architecture of Mexico!
TRAVEL to Oaxaca, Taxco, Tepotzlan ...!

Learn more: Friday, Sept 28, 12:00-1:00 PM | Location: Arch Hall 42