Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies is a pre-professional degree that prepares candidates for admission with advanced standing to professional architecture graduate programs. It is also good preparation for other roles in society that benefit from an understanding of and exposure to architectural design and problem solving such as government, development, management, planning, art, graphic design, and digital arts.

This program consists of two two-year sequences. Durings years 1 and 2 students complete two years of coursework including 17 credits or architectural prerequisites and 73 credits satisfying the UW's General Education RequirementsThese include coursework in the visual, literary and performing arts, math, science, the social sciences, and other knowledge areas. The intent of these first two years is to have students build their skills in communication and critical thinking, to gain broad exposure to other disciplines in order to make more informed academic and career decisions, and to provide the broad academic foundation essential to successful study in architecture.

The prerequisite classes students must take for admission into the program include Architecture 210 and 211: Design Drawing (offered winter and spring quarters respectively) and Architecture 350, 351, 352: History of Architecture (offered in sequence every year). All interested University of Washington students are welcome to participate in this first two-year sequence. Pre-architecture majors should seek advising through the UW UAA Advising Center to ensure their pre-requisite courses are being met.

Applicants are admitted into the program in their junior year after students have completed two years of coursework. There is a competitive admissions process for those applying to the undergraduate major, which students complete in Years 3 and 4. At this level, the coursework provides students with a firm foundation in the historical, theoretical, technological, and environmental forces that influence architectural design. Architectural design studios in Years 3 and 4 provide students with the opportunity to synthesize their knowledge and skills through design projects undertaken in an intensive studio environment.

The Architecture Department also offers a dual degree program. Students earn a BA in Architectural Studies and BS in Construction Management. Visit the Arch/CM Dual Degree page for more information.

For application guidelines and materials, see Admissions.

For more information or to speak to the undergraduate pre-major advisor please contact:

Kurt Xyst,
Undergraduate Advising, Gateway Center
Room 171, Mary Gates Hall
(206) 543-2550


Autumn Winter Spring
Visual, Literary, Performing Arts (5) Visual, Literary, Performing Arts (5) Visual. Literary, Performing Arts  (5)
English Composition (5) Natural World (5) Natural World (5)
Math (5) Individuals and Societies (5) Individuals and Societies (5)
15 credits 15 credits 15 credits
Autumn Winter Spring
350 Arch of the Ancient World (3) 351 Rom,Goth,and Ren Arch (3) 352 History of Modern Arch (3)
Natural World (5) 210 Design Drawing I (4) 211 Design Drawing II (4)
Individuals and Societies (5) Visual,Literary, Performing Arts (5) Individuals and Societies (5)
Areas of Knowledge Elective (2) Areas of Knowledge Elective (3) Elective (3)
15 credits 15 credits 15 credits
Autumn Winter Spring
300 Intro to Arch Design I (6) 301 Intro to Arch Design II (6) 302 Intro to Arch Design III (6)
320 Intro to Structures I (3) 321 Intro to Structures II (3) 322 Intro to Structures III (3)
315 Design Drawing III (3) 380 Computers in Arch (3) 431 Env Control Principles(3)
CM 313 Const Methods and Mtls (4) Upper Division Elective (3) Graphics Selective (3)
15 credits 15 credits 15 credits
Autumn Winter Spring
400 Arch Design IV (6) 401 Arch Design V (6) 402 Arch Design VI (6)
460 Design Theory and Analysis History/Theory Selective (3) Upper Division Elective (3)
Bldg Science/Materials Selective (3) Upper Division Elective (3) Upper Division Elective (3)
Upper Division Elective (3) Upper Division Elective (3) Upper Division Elective (3)
15 credits 15 credits 15 credits